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We also infuse our own liquor, serve great craft beers, and offer a wine menu you'll find refreshing.

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Hours of Operation: Lunch Tuesday through Sunday am-2pm Dinner -Wednesday through Saturday 5-9pm Everything about the Rock House is easy on the senses. And prices that prove a great restaurant experience doesn't have to be hard on the card.

Distinctive dishes created with the freshest ingredients. Established in Guntersville by owners Brandon and Joey Duncan in June 2009, we're a Southern gourmet restaurant with a commitment to consistency.


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  2. Bro, I was doing the sexiest pull-ups anyone ever saw back then because of Ginuwine. Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever” (1987): This one was on there because I wanted her to know I had a little thing called class. Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” (1996): This one was on there because it’s assertive without being aggressive, passionate without being corny, and interesting without being obtrusive. I mean, remember when he tried to be sexy in 2012 on “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”? It was like watching a toddler walking around a wedding in his little toddler tuxedo. You listen to Anthony Hamilton if everything in your love life is falling apart (“Charlene”) or you listen to Anthony Hamilton if you wanna reminisce (“Comin’ From Where I’m From”) or you listen to Anthony Hamilton if you live in 1970 (every single song) and that’s it. That’s Jaheim’s whole career in a 24-word sentence. Probability of sex: Just go ahead and start your registry at Babies ‘R’ Us, because you’re getting, like, five or six people pregnant if you pull this move. It’s just the most perfect picture I’ve ever seen, is all.

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  4. At that time, he managed to win the ten meter race.

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