Dating violence safety tips

Share your plans.: Be sure to tell someone you trust where you're going and when to expect you back.

Remember, if you're in real danger, it's OK to call 911.7.

Keep a lower profile online.: Think before you post and ask your friends to stop checking you into places and tagging you in photos for a while.

Remember anything that goes online your partner might see, even if you've updated your privacy settings.

Talk to someone about it: It's not uncommon to feel embarrassed or ashamed about being in an unhealthy relationship, so you may not have told friends or family what's going on.

Now's a good time to change that — tell the people you trust about how your relationship is and what your plans are so they can support you.2.

Keep a journal.: Write down when your partner is abusive and how it made you feel — just make sure to keep it somewhere your partner won't look.

If you ever have to go to court, your journal will help.

And even if you don't get the legal system involved, journaling will help you reflect on what happened and heal so you can keep moving forward.3.

Make a safety plan.: Try to think through situations where you might be in danger and what you would do to get safety.

At, we have tools and trained peer advocates to guide you through the process.4.

Hang out with your friends.: Most abuse happens behind closed doors, so if you can avoid being around your partner and instead be around other people, it can help reduce the severity of abusive behaviors.5.


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