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Other times, you turn that regular cheese into pepper jack and add on serrano peppers, jalapeños, chipotle mayo, and fire sauce. To combat all of that heat, you may want to also order an 8th Wonder Rocket Fuel beer float. Burger purists can definitely get behind Hubcap’s hand-formed, crisp-seared patties that sit pretty between buns made specifically to withstand the inevitable drips of grease.

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A quick name change later, this double-cheese, double-beef burger, now found full time at The Hay Merchant, is as juicy and legally delicious as ever.

That’s because the beef is ground fresh straight from UB’s in-house butchery.

With LTO and house pickles, we’d choose this guy over the one from a certain uptight chain every time., that is.

We talk a lot about burgers here, because burgers are delicious, and we love them, and anyone who doesn’t just needs to go.

We’ve uncovered the most underrated burgers, went on a quest for the city’s best classic burgers, sought out the best burgers by ‘hood, and even put together a 25-deep burger bucket list.

But because the burgers never stop, we’re bringing you our current picks for the best burgers in the whole damn city.

From diner-style griddled patties to modern monsters stacked between grilled cheese and honey buns, these are the best overall burgers you need to be focusing on right now.

These burgers -- made with Black Angus beef ground daily -- are worth the late slip to work.

You can’t go wrong with anything in the lineup, but get the Detention if you’re feeling anything like that bully who used to give you wedgies in third grade.


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