Is ozzy lusth dating anyone

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth (born August 23, 1981 in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico) is a reality show contestant who first appeared on Survivor: Cook Islands.

On Survivor: Cook Islands, Lusth was the longest-lasting contestant from the original Aitutaki tribe, and stayed an Aitutaki member even after the tribe switch.

Dominant in swimming, agility and balance, he won five out of six individual immunity challenges.

He was also very valuable in the tribal challenges, as he helped the Aitutaki tribe to win challenges.

At the final Tribal Council, he was praised for his athletic skills, yet criticized for being somewhat of a loner.

He finished in second place in a 5–4–0 vote, and was the first male runner-up in two years since the 8th season.

Survivor: Micronesia was Lusth's second appearance on Survivor.

With regard to his prior appearance, Lusth commented, "My mistakes last time were basically being too much of a loner.

I'm never going to go anywhere by myself except to use the bathroom".

His relationship with castmate and fellow Survivor: China participant Amanda Kimmel became notable early on in the season, with Cirie Fields joking that Kimmel would be giving birth to "little Ozzlets." In episode 4, he found the immunity idol on Exile Island and put a fake idol where he found the real one.

In episode 10, he left his hidden immunity idol at camp, and was subsequently voted out 5–4.

At the final tribal council he berated Parvati Shallow for selling away their friendship and confessed his love for Kimmel.

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